Nature ‘Working Scientist’

A Nature ‘Working Scientist’ podcast series featuring voices from the ISC’s network on the topic of diversity.

Nature ‘Working Scientist’

This series will highlight all aspects of diversity in science – asking why diversity matters, why diversity makes for better science, how to integrate diverse voices and different perspectives in research, and how to promote inclusion of less well represented or marginalized groups in science settings, including women, people of colour, LGBTQI people, people with disabilities, and people who take a non-traditional route into science.​

It will ask what practical steps can be put in place to improve diversity in science workplaces and ways of working, and how organizations such as the ISC can be ‘better allies for better science’.​

Transcripts and videos:

Episode 1: Why does diversity in science matter? Video | Transcript

Episode 2: How can diversity create better science? Video | Transcript

Episode 3: Better science, better allies. Video | Transcript

Episode 4: Gender, sexuality and representation. Video | Transcript

Episode 5: Democratizing knowledge and access to tools for sustainable development. Video | Transcript

Episode 6: Combating racism in science systems. Video | Transcript

The ISC initiated this podcast series to further deepen discussions on broadening inclusion and access in scientific workplaces and science organizations, as part of our commitment to making science equitable and inclusive. The series highlights work being undertaken through different ISC programmes, projects and networks, and particularly ongoing initiatives on Combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination, and on Gender equality in science.

Production of the ISC-led section of each podcast is overseen by a small group of experts on improving diversity in STEM settings, who provide editorial guidance to the project team from the ISC secretariat. They are:

The ISC’s podcast series highlighting all aspects of diversity in science may contain material that some might find difficult to discuss, such as equality issues around gender, ethnicity, racial discrimination, LGBTQI rights, and inclusion and disability access issues. The ISC recognizes that some of the podcasts may trigger painful memories or traumatic experiences for some of our listeners.

If a specific topic covered in these podcasts raises a concern for you, please contact or your equality officer at your workplace. It is important that all members of our community contribute to a safe and positive workplace atmosphere as we explore the issues around diversity in science. It is the ISC’s hope that the topics covered in these podcasts contribute to making the positive changes we need in our science systems that reflect, celebrate, and empower all scientists in order to reach their full potential, and ultimately, contribute to the vision of the Council as science as a global public good.

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