Series 3: Science In Exile

On 30 September 2021, the International Science Council launched a series of six podcasts on the theme ‘Science in Exile’. The podcasts feature interviews with refugee and displaced scientists who share their science, their stories of displacement, and their hopes for the future.

Series 3: Science In Exile

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Episode 1 – Feras Kharrat shares his story of studying molecular biomedicine in Syria, and later, in Italy

In the first episode of the series, we hear from Feras Kharrat, a PhD Scholar in Molecular Biomedicine, originally from Syria and now based in Trieste, Italy. Feras shares his story of leaving Syria to continue his studies abroad, and gives an insight into the challenges of conducting scientific research during periods of unrest.

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Episode 2 – How research by one displaced social scientist is uncovering the realities of labour market integration for highly skilled migrants

In this episode of the Science in Exile series we hear from Esmeray Yogun, a sociologist whose research focuses on the integration of highly skilled migrants in the labour market. Yogun is originally from Turkey, but was forced to leave for France after having been identified as a political activist.

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Episode 3 – Alfred Babo shares his story of being an at-risk and refugee social scientist

In the third episode of Science in Exile we hear from Alfred Babo, a social scientist whose research focuses on social change, child labour and development, immigration and social conflict, and post-conflict societies.

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Episode 4 – Early-career scientist Eqbal Dauqan shares her story of leaving Yemen to continue her research overseas

This episode features Eqbal Dauqan, a Yemeni biochemist whose research interests include therapeutic nutrition and the antioxidants in food. Eqbal was forced to halt her research work when war broke out in Yemen, and later left the country for Malaysia and then Norway in order to continue her work in safety.

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Episode 5 – Phyu Phyu Thin Zaw on the crisis facing medics and scientists in Myanmar

The medical and scientific community in Myanmar has been deeply affected by ongoing violence and conflict. In the fifth Science in Exile podcast, Phyu Phyu Thin Zaw shares her insights into the impacts for the Burmese scientific community.

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Episode 6 – Syrian political scientist Radwan Ziadeh on continuing human rights research and activism across borders

The final episode of the series features political scientist Radwan Ziadeh, who shares his story of leaving Syria to continue his research on and advocacy for human rights and democracy in the United States.

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The series has been developed as a contribution to the Science in Exile initiative, and will feature members of the project’s steering committee as well as other scholars involved in the initiative. The series has been developed by the ISC with its Science in Exile partners – The World Academy of Sciences (UNESCO-TWAS) and the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP).The aim is to give a platform to displaced scientists to share their first-hand experiences, and to raise awareness of the issues faced by refugee, at-risk and displaced scholars.

You can hear the series first by following ISC Presents on your podcast platform of choice, or by checking this page.

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