Disaster Risk Reduction

Crisis-ready science: a framework for proactive and resilient sector

In an era marked by escalating geopolitical conflicts, the sanctity and resilience of the global scientific community have never been more crucial. This report, "Protecting Science in Times of Crisis: How do we stop being reactive and become more proactive?" emerges at a critical juncture, addressing the urgent need to protect scientists, academics, and educational institutions increasingly targeted in various global crises.


Early-career researchers’ insights on climate

This blog launches the collective blog series, "Amplifying the Voices of Young Scientists", based on interviews with Early and Mid-Career Researchers across various disciplines hailing from around the world.


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Large Ocean States and climate change: a plea for adaptation

This piece is part of a series of special blogs developed to raise awareness of inclusive climate perspectives, with a focus on early and mid-career researchers (EMCR) as well as scientists from the Global South. In this article, Dr. Ma. Laurice Jamero, a sustainability scientist focusing on impact and adaptation, explains how social sciences participate in mainstreaming climate change into development planning.


From monsoon joy to fear: a climate crisis awakening

On the occasion of the WCRP Open Science Conference in Kigali, the International Science Council interviewed early-career climate researchers from the Global South to gather their perspectives in the lead-up to the Kigali declaration and COP 28.


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The dual burden of inequality and disaster-risk

On this International Day, we take a closer look at the link between inequality, disaster resilience, and the urgent need for equitable solutions. Join our discussion with Hélène Jacot des Combes, the new Project Manager at the International Science Council, as we discuss the complex dynamics at play between inequality and disasters.


Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, Via Pietro de Coubertin, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy
World Forum for Women in Science (WFWS) 2024
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