Disaster Risk Reduction

Sudan at risk of losing a generation of scientific talents

The Sudanese National Academy of Sciences has appealed to the solidarity of global science community, as conflicts are threatening an entire generation of scientists and researchers - struggling to keep working on pressing issues, as many fled the violence in safer parts of the country or abroad.


Vacancy: ISC Project Manager Hazards and Disaster Risk

This ISC is seeking a full-time project manager for a temporary position of 18 months for the second phase of the Hazard Definition and Classification project, co-led with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Deadline for applications: 3 July 2023


flooded houses

Underinvestment in disaster risk reduction comes at cost to us all

Charlotte Benson, head of the Asian Development Bank's disaster risk management unit and co-author of the International Science Council's Mid-term Review of the U.N.'s Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, describes how recovery and reconstruction bills multiply while preparedness is shortchanged.


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