Awards Selection Committee

The Committee works to ensure that the Awards Programme is distinguished in all respects, recognizes the full range of the ISC community, and fosters the building of a global network of individuals and initiatives that epitomize excellence and international cooperation in research, education, outreach, science policy, and diplomacy.

Awards Selection Committee

Every three years, the International Science Council Awards Programme recognizes individuals, groups, and initiatives that serve to advance science as a global public good. An Awards Selection Committee is appointed by the ISC President, with the approval of the ISC Governing Board, for each edition of the awards to select the awardees. Geographic, gender, and age distribution are important considerations for selection of nominees.

2021 Awards Selection Committee

Mercedes Bustamante

Brazil | Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Anna Davies

Ireland | ISC Governing Board

Ruth Fincher

Australia | ISC Governing Board

Alik Ismail-Zadeh

Germany | ISC Secretary (Chair)

Umut Korkut

United Kingdom | International Political Science Association

LI Jinghai

China | ISC Vice-President

Shuaib Lwasa

Uganda | Global Center on Adaptation

Mathieu Denis

France | ISC Science Director

Narinder Mehra

India | International Union of Immunological Societies

Himla Soodyall

South Africa | Academy of Science of South Africa

Natalia Tarasova

Russia | International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Renée van Kessel

Netherlands | ISC Treasurer

Image by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash

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